Scenic: Your Complete Motorcycle Navigation App
The wind on your face, the picturesque view, the serene surroundings --- these are the things that we want you to focus on when you are biking and motorcycling instead of worrying about getting lost, ending up in a noisy highway or weigh you down with expensive GPS units. Scenic is a motorcycle navigation app which can compete with the costly ones and can give you all that a rider needs. Scenic gives you the power to view routes which you might want to check out within your neighborhood and beyond. Plus they come with reviews and ratings to guide you in planning out which scenic routes to take. If you decide on a certain route, the app comes with Voice Navigation for a smoother ride. If you none of the routes in the app suit your preference, Scenic can convert any GPX tracks into a navigation route so you can even import one from GPX. If none works for you, you can go ahead and create your very own routes as well.