Balified: The Excitement of a Word and a Card Game Merged Into One Awesome Social Event
We can never get enough of card games, as evidenced by the numerous card apps out there, and word games had been there since time immemorial entertaining us during our down times with friends and family. So it was just a matter of time that a game with these two aspects is introduced to make a lot of people happy. Balified – Word Game of the Gods is exactly this, and then some. General vocabulary is a must when playing Balified but to win against sharp opponents, you must go beyond the mundane and construct more impressive words. To play, you must stack up cards with letters on them on top of each other, and the longer and more complicated your words are, the bigger the points you get. But it doesn’t end there. Wild cards can show up and tricks to steal a letter or words from your opponents are possible, so have a trick or two handy to be able to add to your own. There are also four special actions embedded in the game so you need to strategize on how to use this at the right time to gain advantage.