Turn Photos into Stories in Seconds with ‘Storyo’
If you are one of those folks who love documenting food trips, wanderlusts or taking even mere selfies at home, you would agree that we spend grueling hours trying to edit and piece all of these photos together to be able to weave a great story to be shared to the world. And sometimes, because of the effort it takes to get these together, our memories do not make it out of our phones anymore. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have something which can collect your pictures together and make it post-worthy in a click or two so you would be ready for your next adventure in no time? Storyo is a smart app which merges your photos and data to come up with memorable slideshows minus the complications. Snap your photos and Storyo will pick up the date, time and your location to sew your memories into a lovely video scrapbook in just a few taps. All you have to do is choose where Storyo will begin and end telling your story by tapping the first and last photos that you want added in your movie. With its unique algorithm, Storyo can even figure out which ones are the best to include and can chop your stories into chapters…all of this, automatically. If you feel like adding more to your stories, editing and filtering is definitely an option. Music, captions, titles, themes – all await for your creative fingers! Storyo comes with six unique filters and transitions: Flip, Matik, Blurd, Blunote, Noir and Parallax. As a bonus, the app’s recent update included filters which are exclusive to the US so you can enjoy themes inspired by the top 5 US travel destinations.