Keep Your Private Files Secure with ‘PIN Genie Vault’ [Review]
The iCloud is an incredible invention, though oftentimes a concept that is hard to grasp. Are my files actually secure? How easy is it for someone to gain access to my private information? Is it safe to share files? These doubts that you may have surrounding file sharing with your Apple devices can now be erased with PIN Genie Vault, now available for download in the App Store. PIN Genie Vault is truly a state of the art security app, evidenced by its patented PIN software. This unique function allows you to create a four digit PIN to secure your files, and PIN Genie's patented technology makes these four numbers bulletproof and impenetrable. Better yet, you can safely share your personal files with others, as PIN Genie Vault will only grant them access if they enter your PIN. Rest assured that the only people who will view your information will be those you have given your passcode to. This innovative app encrypts your files using the topnotch AES 256 algorithm. To ensure your safety, PIN Genie Vault chose this algorithm, which is commonly used by the U.S. government and other intelligence agencies. Upon sharing files, this handy app will encrypt them, making them ready to be sent through email or Dropbox. The app's end-user encryption is truly impressive, as it allows you to share photos, documents, and videos through plenty of third party service providers. While PIN Genie Vault's encryption strategies are clearly phenomenal, Apple Watches only have to capability to review files. This is a minor downside to this otherwise remarkable app. I would like to see this function made available for Apple Watch users, as I think it would result in more app downloads. Overall, I would highly recommend this app if you care about the security of your private and personal information. You’ll never have to worry about sharing files again!