Mobile Gaming Giant COLOPL Establishes Office in the United States, Begins First Game
COLOPL NI, an United States subsidiary of Tokyo-based mobile gaming leader COLOPL Inc., has announced their establishment of a studio in San Mateo, California. From the recent announcement, it sounds like COLOPL NI has already begun operations and is developing an online free-to-play smartphone games called Rune Story. In this 3D adventure game, Rune Story fuses real-time action, city building and classic RPG elements deliver a high quality experience. Guild functions and cooperation battles up to four players in real-time make it possible to defeat epic bosses and achieve victory together with friends. Players can also customize their play style by unlocking weapon combinations and summoning a variety of unique characters from six classes -- Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper and Mage. Other features like story quests, daily events and rune system upgrades will also be added to provide more gameplay time. “COLOPL has a successful history of developing and launching 94 smartphone games and we are thrilled to be furthering COLOPL’s mission, Entertainment in Real Life, in the western part of the world, said Shohei Yoshioka, chief executive officer of COLOPL NI. “We already see great promise with Rune Story’s soft launch and we look forward to unveil our new title worldwide soon.” As of now Rune Story is currently in soft launch and available in Phillippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Canada. For those outside these countries can pre-register and automatically receive the 3-star Rune Sword weapon for the main character when the game becomes available worldwide. At the moment this is all the information we have available, however, we'll keep you updated as time progresses.