Defend Your Islands From Invaders in ‘IRIE Islands Defence’
Idyllic surroundings can sometimes mask the danger of impending invasion, but other times they can simply provide a stark contrast between beauty and danger. Some of the best games out there exploit this contrast to their advantage, and that’s something Harold Hemmings has shown he can excel at with IRIE Islands Defence. The game features gorgeous graphics of the tropical islands, and even the game’s icon is a red herring. Depicting a lovely butterfly floating among gorgeous tropical flowers, the icon gives little hint to the danger that these islands are under. Indeed, the islands are being invaded by forces of evil, and you have to battle to protect your freedom and liberty. The graphics within the game itself are beautifully rendered in a comic book style, and even the most intricate details have been given exacting attention. You will find yourself enchanted by these luscious islands, but don’t let the beauty distract you from the danger lying down the road as the enemy forces advance. Defending your precious islands in IRIE Islands Defence, you have an assortment of soldiers and weapons at your disposal. From infantry to tanks and heavy guns, you must build up your forces and stand guard in your towers against the invading hordes of enemy soldiers bent on destroying your luscious scenery. You’ll fight in epic battles through a variety of unique levels in this tower defense game. The sieges become quite intense the further you advance in the game. You’ll have to assemble your best team to thwart the advancing armies, so gear up and get to fighting. IRIE Islands Defence is a free download on the App Store and is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.