‘Vainglory’ Introduces New Hero “Ardan” In Latest Update!
Vainglory, Super Evil Megacorp's hit MOBA for iOS, is releasing an all-new hero through an update for the game that's now available to downlaod. The game's newest hero, Ardan, is designed to be played as a Protector Tank as well as a Warrior Bruiser. Ardan also controls team fights differently than other heroes -- he has a special energy mechanism called Vengeance. By completely filling Ardan's Vengeance meter during battles using basic attacks and by protecting teammates, players can unleash powerful attacks that deal serious damage to the opposing team. Ardan is the first of three related heros joining the ranks in Vainglory, and more information about the next two heroes will be released soon. Interested? Vainglory is available on the App Store to download for free by clicking here, however, there are in-app purchases.