Google Celebrates Two Year Anniversary of ‘Ingress’ with 120 City Event Series
Ingress, the real-world adventure game from Google's Niantic Labs, is celebrating its second birthday this November with a special series of live player-driven events along with in-game rewards and medals to be unlocked during play. Come November 1st, Niantic Labs will kick off an all-new monthly event series called First Saturdays to celebrate and initiate new Ingress agents. First Saturdays will run simultaneously in more than 120 cities across the world including, Irvine, California to Bangkok, Thailand to Chennai, India to Perth, Australia, and more. Each meetup will be led by Ingress agents who will help new players learn the basics of the game while getting them up to speed. During these events, players from Ingress' competing factions -- the Enlightened and the Resistance -- gather together for group meetups before starting a friendly game. For the full list of information, you can see the official post on the Google+ page for Ingress. The team behing Ingress also provided us with a full list of what special rewards players can get leading up to November 1st. Agents will earn double AP points on all actions for the next two weeks. Ingress agents will earn triple the rewards for portal hacks for the next two weeks. These rewards will include: 3X more Rare Heat Sinks and Multi-hacks to help agents replenish inventory and stock up. 3X Resonators to help agents capture more portals. 3X more XMPs from enemy Portals to help agents in stagnant areas turn the tide for their faction. Agents that reach a certain level before Saturday, November 15th, 2014 will get a special Ingress Innovator medal, an exclusive in-game badge available for a limited time. The Innovator medal will be awarded to players based on the following levels: Bronze Innovator medal: all agents that reach L3 and above. Silver Innovator medal: all agents that reach L9 and above. As of now this is all the information we have available, however, you can download Ingress on the App Store by clicking here.