Developers of ‘Astrowings’ Release ‘Catzy Bubble Blast’ for iOS
Livezen, a Korean mobile social game developer and publisher, have announced the launch of their newest casual game in the Western market, Catzy Bubble Blast. In their newest free-to-play game, Livezen branches out from their original success with the Astrowings series to bring a more colorful and casual product for fans of the arcade puzzle genre. In the game, there's a peaceful village where small chicks dwelled in peace, until the Pig King invaded and kidnapped the chicks. The wizard, Catzy, is now tasked with rescuing all the chicks by bursting them out from being trapped within elemental bubbles. Players can launch bubbles from the five elements -- Earth, Water, Ice, Fire and Thunder -- and create combos of three or more to free the chicks. Catzy Bubble Blast sports over 165 unique stages, multiple difficulty levels as well as a Reverse puzzle mode. Power-ups and other items within each stage can be used to give a little boost during difficult puzzles. Additionally, we are told that more stages will be released in the near future. Features: Free and easy to play with lots of daily events and rewards. Over 100 levels and more coming soon. Three distinctive play modes: Story, Hardcore, and Reverse mode. Connect with your friends with Game Center. Interested? Catzy Bubble Blast is available on the App Store for free by clicking here, however, there are in-app purchases.