‘Keeper Security’ is Saving You Time and Now Securing Your Important Files
If you haven’t noticed already, smartphone users are interacting with numerous mobile applications continuously on a daily basis. Currently app usage accounts for nearly 86 percent of the average U.S. mobile consumers time. With that in mind, more and more applications are requiring passwords to protect your personal information. Entering usernames and passwords is time consuming, which results in some smartphone users repeating the same passwords across numerous accounts. In today's age, this is an unsafe practice in protecting the security of your accounts, personal information, and identity. Keeper Security wants you to continue to enjoy your favorite applications, except now with the safety, security, and convenience of a brand new feature called FastFill. Craig Lurey, CTO & Co-Founder of Keeper, states, “Logging in and out of apps was a major pain point for consumers and professionals until now. FastFill solves this problem - it’s easy to use, fast and secure.” Currently FastFill is only available for Android, but iOS users will see FastFill later this year on their iOS devices. So how does fast fill work? To find out, be sure to continue reading... More About Jeremy Jeremy “the Critic” writes for and owns iOS Etc. He’s a United States Air Force veteran, an air traffic controller, and an Apple fanboy. One day he hopes to expose the world to a groundbreaking iOS application from an unknown independent developer. In his mind, it’s important we share someones hard work with the world if it deserves the recognition. You can follow iOS Etc on Twitter as well asFacebook and read more about him here. Want to connect with Jeremy? Feel free to send him an e-mailor add him on LinkedIn.