MacWorld 2014: Day 1 Roundup with Photos
With the first day of MacWorld in the bag, it has been quite an exciting plus busy time. We were able to take a lot of photos (over 100!) as well as do interviews, get demos and followup with people from last year's MacWorld. Starting it off, there was the 1st official MacWorld 2014 talk which we live blogged and took photos of, which can been seen in the gallery below. In addition, there were multiple other talks that we covered that were fairly interesting and insightful. Following that, at 11AM PDT the Expo Hall open and was quickly flooded with media, vendors, and the general population. Our first stop was MacPhun's booth to check out their line of applications for Mac and see how things were with them. The biggest highlight from them was Intensify, an absolutely amazing yet simple image editor. Best of all you can expect to see future collaborations with them later down the road -- discounts, giveaways and much more. After last night's media reception, we did a quick follow up with VOX Music Player for Mac to see how their day was going and chat a bit more. With them this year is the creator of WinAmp, Dmitry Boldyrev, who is playing a big role in the app and company. Spending a good hour or more chatting, Dmitry gave us a good insight into VOX, his history with WinAmp as well as other side projects and hobbies. Overall it was a great experience and a honor meeting Mr. Boldyrev plus Derek Musso who runs the PR side of things at VOX. From our first impressions, VOX has a highly promising future and there is a lot in store for it we believe. So if you have a Mac and a huge music person, you should definitely check out VOX on the Mac App Store. Once we had a quick break to get a bite to eat and a drink, we met up with David Stuebe and Nathan Mummert from Skelter. With their upcoming product the SlatePro being successfully funded on KickStarted just recently, we had to stop by and get the inside scoop plus a demo as well. Made out of 100% bamboo, the SlatePro is one of the best desks we've ever seen. It's beautifully designed, sturdy, robust and looks amazing. For those that are interested, you can pre-order now and receive it later this year. In addition, you can look forward to seeing their other product the Slate featured in our Best of MacWorld roundup next week. If you were with us for last year's MacWorld or even a long time reader, MacPaw has returned this year for their upcoming Mac app Hider 2. Hider 2 allows users to easily and securely hide files on their Mac with bank level AES-256 encryption. Retailing for $19.99 on the Mac App Store starting April 2nd, we are really excited to see how the program turns out and what will be added onto it future updates. Another great thing about Hider 2 is when you do hide a file or folder, it can not be seen or found via Finder. There are also global shortcuts and a menu bar add-0n that allow for quick access and better functionality. We've always been impressed by MacPaw's work and this is easily one of our favorites so far. While unfortunately we do not have time to write about each product, company or application, a list can be seen below detailing who else we met up with today. Last but certainly not least, a gallery of pictures from MacWorld day 1 can be seen below. Like always thanks for reading PocketFullOfApps and we look forward to serving you to the best of our ability. Antec Mobile Products Mark Hollis from MacPractice Manish Gorawala, CEO and founder of MLeads. Maksym Davydov, President of Adva Soft. Maryana Dimova, PR Manager of Readdle. Charles Warner, CEO of Innovative Properties Worldwide. Michael Donohue, apart of the smart things team with their sDock product. August Johnson, Founder of Cellfy. Thomas Detemple, CEO of smart things, makers of the sDock. Scott Houston, Product Specialist from Sennheiser.