DEVART Releases ‘Supercal 2’ for iOS!
DEVART, developers of the original Supercal, have announced the official launch of Supercal 2 - Super Calendar Agenda for iOS at a price of only $1.99. This user friendly and content focused calendar app is completely redesigned and re-imagined for iOS 7 with a new navigation, detail screen, event editor and much more. New features also include a Week Bar, option to open locations in Maps or Google Maps, mini month view, the ability to set multiple alerts at once, and an extensive share function. Supercal's Week Bar is the way to plan your day while keeping an eye on the week, and also visualizes your week’s schedule plus it is connected to your day view. Users can swipe back and forth through their days and the Week Bar will update, always showing what your schedule looks like. Additionally, a free day is quickly found by swiping the Week Bar or double tapping on a date, bringing up the Mini-Month view. Supercal 2 also sets its own notifications by taking full advantage of iOS 7's support for Background App Refresh, allowing reminders and alerts to stay up-to-date even when then app isn't open. Thanks to the multiple alert screen, users can also select up to 10 alerts at once. A major design improvement is that the toolbar for navigating has been replaced by a menu button in the navigation bar, maximizing the screen space for all views. In addition, many different double tap options also allow the user to quickly switch between views. Features: Timezone support. Share events via Email, Message, AirDrop, Twitter and Facebook. Open your event's locations in Maps or Google maps. Extensive recurrence options (2nd Monday every month, etc). Week numbers (ISO/European and US and Middle East). Set multiple alerts and local notifications at once. Duplicate events and birthdays show age and contact information. Week Bar, Mini Month view, new navigation, and plenty more. Interested? Supercal 2 is available on the App Store for $1.99 by clicking here, however, it will jump up to $2.99 after the special promotional launch price.