Video: Watch This ‘iPhone 6C’ Concept
Throughout the last few years, we've seen some really neat concept videos and pictures ranging from either a total iOS remake or to a complete hardware/design overhaul. This time around designer Joseph Farahi has combined the colors of the iPhone 5C with the design of the iPhone 5S and a slightly bigger screen to make what we think is a pretty amazing concept. It has been rumored for quite sometime now that the upcoming iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. Combined with that, the iPhone 5C sales haven't been too hot or at least what Apple anticipated, so it's possible that the c-line of iPhones will be discontinued, however, that's just a guess. Farahi's iPhone 6C concept includes the 8MP camera from the iPhone 5S, thinner and lighter frame than the iPhone 5C, Touch ID, and a lot more. Rather than explaining everything in detail, you can watch the awesome video below.