How to: Fix the iOS SSL Bug Without Upgrading [Jailbreak]
Looking to fix that nasty SSL bug in iOS 6 and iOS 7 without having to upgrade? Well you're just in luck. Thanks to Ryan Petrich, a well-known jailbreak community member, he has released a fix on his repo that will patch the security hole without the need of upgrading then having to re-jailbreak. While this may sound great, it should be taken into consideration that this is not a permanent solution to the problem. If your device happens to go into Safe Mode with MobileSubstrate disabled, the patch to fix the SSL bug will be disabled as well. As of now the only way to permanently fix the SSL bug is by updating to the latest available iOS version, then jailbreak your device again. To install the patch from Ryan Petrich, be sure to check out our how to guide below. Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> and Edit at the top right. When prompted, add Ryan Petrich's repo (http://rpetri.ch/repo) if you have not already. From there, go to the Search tab and type in SSLPatch. Once you have downloaded and installed SSLPatch, make sure SpringBoard restarts so the changes can take place. Now here comes the important part -- head over to gotofail which will verify if the SSL security hole has been fixed. The result should come back saying Safe, where as before you would have gotten a warning notifying that the SSL bug was present. Even though this may not be a permanent solution, it's certainly better than nothing, especially for those that may not want to update.