Game Insight Launches New Contest for ‘Tank Domination’, Win an iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular 16 GB
Game Insight has thrown down the gauntlet for tank game experts everywhere with a new trivia contest based on their recently released iPad tank combat game, Tank Domination. By visiting the Tank Domination website and filling out a short quiz testing player's knowledge on the game, they can enter to win one of three iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB models. Other prizes include in-game currency of up to 5,000 Warbucks (roughly a $20 value) which can be spent on perks and items. If you want to enter for a chance to win, you have until January 30th to submit your answers. In addition, Tank Domination is the first cross-platform tank combat MMO for iOS. The game features 10 vs. 10 synchronous multiplayer combat in various locations. Plus, players can use some of the most advanced military vehicles in the world ranging from active mobile armor and to advanced prototypes. For those that haven't tried out Tank Domination yet, we highly recommend you do by downloading it here.