Rubicon Development Releases ‘Combat Monsters’ for iOS!
Combat Monsters, created by the Rubicon Development, has finally been released onto the App Store for free. A unique combination of tactical combat and collectible card game, Combat Monsters is like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon mixed the developer's classic humor seen in their other games. In Combat Monsters, the player’s Hero spawns 3D creatures (warriors or monsters) to a large board that serves as the battlefield. Once spawned, each creator can attack, move about, heal itself (or others), or cast spells. When the enemy’s Hero dies, the battle is won. With 132 monsters, 70 weapons, 28 shields, 42 spells, 22 runes, 12 heroes and 120+ maps to choose from, the challenge doesn't end in Combat Monsters. After completing the campaign, players can join online with up to six players on a single board or two-player pass-and-play. Rubicon has also included a Quick Battle skirmish mode that will populate a multiplayer session in no time. Features: Play anywhere: Cross-platform play with shared accounts allows for true roaming, Eliminate the competition in 3D. Flexible multiplayer: Live online play for up to six players; private or public with matchmaking to prevent unbalanced battles. Affordable decks and expansions. Ambitious future roadmap with trading, sit-and-go constructed and sealed deck tournaments, new races and cards and more. Monsters for all tastes: 132 unique monsters across 11 races with 50+ unique activated abilities. 70 unique weapons to shred the enemy to pieces. 28 sets of armor and 28 opportunities to survive certain death. 42 spells to tilt the battle in your favor. 22 runes to choose from. Interested? You can download Combat Monsters on the App Store for free by clicking here, however, there are in-app purchases.