‘Soundwave’ Receives Major Update to Coincides with iOS7!
Soundwave, the free music discovery app backed by Mark Cuban and ACT Venture Capital, has announced a major update for iPhone users that coincides with iOS 7. Having already received the Editors Choice award from Apple, this latest update adds a complete revision of the interface and numerous enhancements that showcase the new potentials with iOS 7. The Soundwave team capitalized on the iOS 7 enhancements to present a smooth new user interface where clean lines, simple design and smart transitions allow the user to seamlessly navigate throughout the app. The new multitasking feature allows for smarter song capture when the app is running in the background as well. In addition, the motion effects update allows Soundwave to remove shadows from the interface and alternatively convey depth in a more intuitive way. It gets better as well -- with the 64-bit capability of iOS 7 there's now increased processing power which delivers results to the activity feed much quicker. Interested? You can download Soundwave on the App Store for free by clicking here.