‘Hang w/’ Surpasses 500,000 Downloads in Six Months!
MEDL Mobile has announced recently that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Hang w/ platform continue to increase with more than 500,000 people around the planet having downloaded the application. Hang w/ allows users to Hang w/ dozens, hundreds, even thousands of followers simultaneously via live streaming video and simultaneous chat. Anyone with an iOS device can use Hang w/ to either broadcast live or to view a current live broadcast. A major factor contributing to the accelerated growth of the platform has been the growing list of athletes, musicians, actors and other celebrities that have used Hang w/. Other KPIs for Hang w/ include: 233 million Hang w/ me notifications delivered 10 million user sessions 1.7 million broadcasts 200,000 MAU in August, 2013 More than 75 athletes, musicians, actors and other celebrities Average session length is more than 3 minutes At this point, we are ahead of Twitter - which took two years to reach their first million users, said Andrew Maltin, CEO of MEDL Mobile and Hang With. Of course, today the social media landscape has been accelerated. And we believe the authenticity of connecting via live streaming video and chat has really struck a chord with users. Interested? You can download Hang w/ for free on the App Store by clicking here.