Today Down on the Farm with ‘Hay Day’ [Review]
Well the game that is sweeping through the family (other than Candy Crush) is Hay Day from SuperCell. My son and two nieces have farms and we all are having a ball! I must admit that I used to play Farmville and Farmtown on Facebook so I was familiar with the gameplay. Hay Day recently turned 1 year old and that is when I first heard about it. After reading a bit about it, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. There are a number of factors on how the game is built that I really like and what I think makes this game successful. On Hay Day you are given a basic farm and your job is the grow the farm from its humble beginnings. You will need to do the following to have a successful farm: Clear the area Plant crops Raise chicken, lambs, cows, pigs, goats Plant trees Grill, bake, cook, process various food items Expand your land, explore mines, fish, ship cargo on the river Sell goods, visit friends and more I find myself on my farm many times a day. The game is free, but of course has in-app purchases. The in-app purchases can definitely help speed up the game but if you want to save your money and have some patience you can survive without them. I am playing the game on my iPad -- so the graphics, sounds and overall gameplay is great, however, you will need Internet access to play. So if you are looking for a farm type game, then I definitely recommend Hay Day. Hay Day is like most farm type games but as I mentioned earlier, SuperCell has done somethings that make it stand out to me and makes it a game that I will be playing for a while. I would like to briefly cover these items. You can connect your farm to your Facebook or the Game Center to connect with friends but it is not a requirement. You do not have to visit friends or ask for help to level up. You can earn diamonds in the game by watching a video ad periodically (or not), by leveling up or finding them in various places. You also can earn coins by selling goods at your road side stand and/or completing orders. The game gives you ample opportunities to earn the money and diamonds you will need to grow your farm (without spending real money). There is a nice variety of activities to do, so there is a lot of flexibility of how you can setup and expand your farm. Crops do not wither over time -- so if you are away for a few days, everything is there waiting for you. There might be some more items but these are the key ones for me. So have you begun to plow your fields yet? Do you enjoy farm games, if so which ones? If you need one, give Hay Day a try. Well it is time to harvest my wheat! Rating 5/5 Stars