iOS 7 and iOS 6 Default Homescreens Side by Side
To say the least, comparing iOS 7 to iOS 6 is absolutely astonishing and a huge visual and functionality improvement -- with the new Control Center, Notification Center and more you can do a lot now. To give you a quick glimpse to show you how much work Apple has put into iOS 7, the image above does a really good job at demonstrating that. A couple small details as well that you not have seen at first is that the clock icon now updates in real time and the carrier logo is now gone. As of now iOS 7 in its first beta, so if you have installed it you may run across bugs and glitches but it's still fun to play around with. PocketFullOfApps will have more iOS 7 articles coming up and in the mean time, you can see all of our current iOS 7 related articles here. [Reddit]