‘Mortgage Payoff Track’ is Simple and Effective [Review]
In this there's an app for that world you aren't at all surprised anymore by what you can find on the iTunes store, from apps that tell you how to eat and what to wear each day to those that simulate zombies chasing you in order to motivate you to exercise. Yes, it's a brave, new world of technology, and the best part is that once-complicated tasks have become ridiculously easy to carry out. Take for example the act of buying a home. Whereas you used to rely heavily on your realtor to find you properties that met your criteria, you can now use sites like Zillow and Trulia to track down homes that suit your wants and needs. Instead of depending on a loan manager at your bank to calculate your potential monthly payments, you can simply plug the numbers into one of several mortgage calculators for your smartphone and crunch them yourself. But what about when you get into your home? Are there apps that can help you to track your mortgage payments and see what you still owe? As a matter of fact, there are several and the one that seems to be the most foolproof is Mortgage Payoff Track for the iPhone and iPad.