PSA: Don’t Forget the WWDC 2013 Keynote Times
Today is the big day folks -- Apple kicks off their biggest event ever this year, WWDC 2013, with lots of new and exciting things. Tim Cook and crew will be live on stage 1PM EST with the keynote address which you can expect to be jammed packed with lots of new things. So as a friendly reminder to all of our readers across the globe, you can find the start times of the keynote address below. All times are in military/astronomical format, so don't forget to tune in later today. 07:00 — Honolulu, Hawaii 10:00 — San Francisco, California 13:00 — New York, New York 14:00 — São Paulo, Brazil 18:00 — London, England 19:00 — Rome, Italy 20:00 — Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 21:00 — Moscow, Russia 22:30 — New Delhi, India 01:00 — Shanghai, China (June 11) 02:00 — Tokyo, Japan (June 11) 03:00 — Sydney, Australia (June 11)