Weight Loss: There’s An App For That!
Weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry and a rising trend in that industry is the use of smartphone and tablet apps to help organize a weight loss program. From calorie counters to recipe builders, these apps are designed to help you eat healthier, shed those extra pounds, and tone your body into the shape you want it, and even have fun while doing it. Calorie Counting App Calorie Tracker was created by Livestrong.com, a website that focuses on health and fitness. This is a free app that allows for the look up and tracking of calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein that you intake on a daily basis. The app contains over 450,000 food and restaurant items in its database. It also has the option to track calories burned by factoring in physical activity. Lose It! is a full service weight loss app. Goals can be set, tracked, and progress viewed in the form of a graph. This allows for a daily calorie limit to be set, the recording of food and exercise, and projection of when the goal should be met. Recipe Building Apps Epicurious recipe building app pulls recipes from the Epicurus recipe database. This app is simple, allowing for several different filters, as well as searching for a specific recipe. It also makes shopping easy by providing a shopping list for recipes. Favorite recipes can also be saved to a profile, for easy future reference. All Recipes Dinner Spinner puts the fun and ease into choosing and preparing a meal. The first step in using this app is choosing the meal that's being prepared, such as lunch or dinner, the main ingredient that will go into the dish and how long the dish takes to prepare. The app then searches the database, and gives all the recipes that meet the criteria given. For $3, the pro version can be purchased that allows for further organization of recipes into folders, as well as choosing several ingredients to be in the dish. Mapmyrun is an excellent tool for tracking distance for running or walking. It uses the phone’s internal GPS, and gives real-time distance, pace, speed and time. Once an account is created, workouts can be saved, and allow for future reference. Which makes keeping track of personal bests easy. Pret-a-Yoga Lite is great for beginning yoga users. It provides a personal yoga instructor via the app, which will guide through breathe and poses via images and audio instructors. Educational Weight loss Game Apps Eat This, Not That app turns weight loss into a fun, interactive and informative game. It allows for the education on what foods are actually healthy and which ones are not. Using this app will educate an individual on different food items, helping you to learn how to spot high fat and high caloric foods. Which will help you make wiser choices and show how easily mistakes can be made when choosing foods and portions. Locavore allows for the keeping track of fresh food. It is recommended to eat fresh foods at the peak of freshness in order to get the best possible nutrients. This app will tell what foods are in season and how long is left to enjoy the full benefits and flavor of the food. This is a great tool for those that claim they don’t like vegetables, because the problem may be they haven’t had fresh foods. There is an app for practically anything. Why not take advantage of the mobility of using apps to make the process of weight loss fun and easy!