‘Monster Blade’ a Brand New 3D Action-RPG Game from Nubee Released!
Social iOS game developer, Nubee, has announced the release of their 3D action game, Monster Blade, on the App Store for iOS. This free-to-play game is available to iPhone and iPad users after its successful launch on Google Play. Monster Blade was initially released on the Canadian App Store in February and a worldwide version for Android followed soon in April. In Monster Blade, the player takes on the role of a monster slayer and challenges hundreds of powerful monsters. Designed to be pick-up-and-play without difficult learning curves or complicated controls, players can engage in awesome one-on-one battles with simple swipes and taps. During combat, players encounter monsters that can perform special moves such as fireball blasts and petrify attacks that turn you into stone. In addition, players can call for a friend’s help during battle. Friend assist skills can be performed once per battle and range from healing to powerful damage abilities. These skills can quickly help to turn the tide in battles, making your friends an important part of the game. The Monster Blade team constantly collects feedback from their players to improve and create new gaming experiences. Features: Free to play. Gorgeous HD visuals. Epic battles with hundreds of monsters. Transform into monsters with powerful abilities. Call upon your friends to help you in battle and turn the tides in your favor. Customize your hero with over 400 unique weapons and armor. Challenge others in the leaderboard and win special rewards. Interested? You can download Monster Blade for free on the App Store by clicking here.