‘Let’s Skate’ from Immanitas Entertainment Gets a Multiplayer Update
The internationally operating multiplatform publisher, Immanitas Entertainment, has published an update for the action title Let's Skate for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The free update contains the new multiplayer modes, which can be easily played via Nextpeer. In addition to classic PvP duels, even contests against multiple players can be played simultaneously. Immanitas Entertainment is giving away the free multiplayer update to players as a thank you for more than 40,000 downloads in the first week of release. In Let's Skate, the player steers through a total of 40 levels with his skateboard. Always on the run from the police, you have to ride with your board to the next skate shop as fast as possible to be able to finish the level. If the police catch up to you, the level is not finished. Extra points can be collected in the form of coins and later be exchanged for useful power-ups, like a speed bonus. Through an in-app purchase, you can unlock five further characters in addition to the five standard skaters. Here's the full list of changes in this update: Free multiplayer integration. Multiplayer for iPhone and iPad. Classic PvP. Contest against multiple players at the same time. Interested? You can download Let’s Skate for free on the App Store by clicking here.