Laying Down Tracks with ‘Rails’ [Review]
A while back I was covering a number of different train games, well here is another one to add to your list -- Rails from Belight Software which is an iPad-only game. This game is the official remake of Shortline Railroad from the 1990's. The main object of the game is to get the different color engines from one station to another. They are color coded so you know where they needs to go, however, the problem is first there might not be any tracks to that station and/or there could be other trains in your way! The game comes with a tutorial level to show you how it is done. So once you complete that there are 3 chapters you can play, but they need to be played in order. Within each chapter are a number of levels, in Chapter 1 there are 22 areas to complete -- overall there are 60 levels in total. At first it is pretty simple, but as you progress in levels it gets a bit more complicated. This game will make you stop and think -- how can I connect these two stations? How and where do I stop these trains so they do not crash? Now as you are playing, time is moving forward and the trains keep coming so you do not have a huge amount of time to plan and get yourself organized. The game does give you a few bonus such as boost, reverse, cleanup and more which you can use to help complete your missions. Make sure to check out the Trainopedia in the game to learn about the different trains and bonus options. I enjoyed this train game very much. Games where you need to keep on eye on what is happening, try to plan your moves ahead of time and deal with the clock are some of my favorite. I did not play the original PC game but Rails is fun just on its own. As 0f now, I have not yet completed the game and at the rate I am going, it will be a while. The graphics and gameplay are very well done and the game is very easy to pick up, play for a while and then put it done. If you enjoy train games, then Rails should be on your list to play. Rating: 5/5 Stars