‘Combo Crew’ coming to iOS on May 23!
Combo Crew, the highly anticipated mobile brawler from Squids developer The Game Bakers, is poised to hit the App Store on Thursday May 23rd. Combo Crew sports fighting gameplay, smooth controls and asynchronous co-op across devices -- so iPhone and iPad gamers can join forces on the same crew. With the game release less than a week away, the developers would like to introduce the Combo Crew's tough-as-nails heroes: Parker: A name that tops the high scores of all the arcades this side of the continent. Parker's a natural, inspired by fighting techniques he picked up from video games. Gina: A student of the ancient school of Hairjutsu, Gina's a martial arts master who trained for a year in the mountains. Dolph: The greatest action movie star that ever lived, Dolph uses his impressive stature in combat. For him, showing off is almost as important as kicking ass. Just in case if you have missed it, here's a trailer: Like always, PocketFullOfApps will keep you updated as we get more information.