Moxtra Debuts Moxtra Content Collaboration Platform at DEMO Mobile 2013
At DEMO Mobile 2013, Moxtra, a provider of mobile collaboration solutions for personal and business use, has debuted the Moxtra Content Collaboration Platform, an extensible mobile collaboration platform. The first third-party applications now integrated within the new platform consist of Evernote, Salesforce and Kaffeine. The Moxtra integration with Evernote allows users to access their notes in Moxtra, collaborate on them with customers, co-workers and friends and then export the note back to Evernote. The Moxtra integration with Salesforce.com, allows users to access the content of their Moxtra Binders directly from Salesforce. From their mobile devices, users also have the ability to share content from Moxtra with their Salesforce contacts and collaborate in real-time on content stored in Moxtra Binders as well as documents stored in Salesforce. The Moxtra integration with Kaffeine introduces a whole new class of collaborative applications. By leveraging Moxtra, Kaffeine, a cloud based real-time cash flow management solution, can deliver a great mobile experience without any in-house mobile development. With Moxtra, you can collaborate on projects, events and more with its Private Group Share functionality. You can also record you voice and annotations on top of files to create a video story or conduct a real-time meeting to present documents, photos, video or music via VoIP. The Moxtra Content Collaboration Platform is quickly becoming the platform of choice for applications to extend collaboration capabilities to their end-users. Moxtra is currently integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Salesforce and Kaffeine.