New Trailer for ‘Iron Man 3 – The Official Game’ Released, Coming to iOS Soon!
That's right! A brand new trailer for Iron Man 3 - The Official Game has been released just recently which shows off plenty of in-game footage and highlights some of the features. Gameloft is currently planning on releasing the game on next Thursday which isn't that far away. If you're interested, here's more info on Iron Man 3 - The Official Game which we got from an e-mail by Gameloft: Iron Man 3 – The Official Game is an “endless runner” in the sky, putting you in the metallic threads of Iron Man as he flies through a variety of levels, blasting enemies with his hand repulsor and avoiding incoming missiles, jet fighters and other high tech weaponry. Upgrade your suit and build up multipliers as you blast through the sky in this graphically rich, freemium action game. Like always, we will be sure to keep you updated as we get more information.