Site Announcement, Plus Freebies!
Over the years, PocketFullOfApps has had tremendous growth and has gone through a lot of changes as well. The website first started in June of 2009 as a small blog that only got a minuscule 100 pageviews a day. Fast forward almost four years later and PocketFullOfApps now serves over half a million page views a month along with 150,000 unique visits. With all that traffic and growth we had to switch from a shared hosting to something with a little more power. So with that said, through process of elimination we ended up switching to a fantastic hosting company called The Temple Host that we'll have a follow up review on later today. Freebies! Want to win some free iOS games, money, or PocketFullOfApps apparel? Awesome! If you find anything wrong with the site, let us know and you can win some cool prizes. In order to get your prize, we must be able to verify and replicate the problem from our end. What can the errors/problems include? Well it can include a whole range of things, but most notably broken links, missing images, and the website not displaying properly would be most common. We've done our best to do what we can and offer a great viewing experience, but maybe we overlooked something. So basically if you come across something you think may not be normal or right, let us know and we'll back in contact with you.