‘Deco Sketch Pro’ Photo Editing App Updated with New Features!
Wanting to produce digital masterpieces on your iOS device? Well, Deco Sketch Pro may just be for you. Pulling inspiration from modern design and fine art techniques, Deco Sketch delivers a unique collection of patterned brushes that will allow you to enhance your personal photos or create completely original, geometric art. The app is also unparalleled in its ability to instantly sample colors from images being sketched over and then applying the chosen color to the geometric design being drawn. Whether a professional creative or talented hobbyist, Deco Sketch leads the way in a revolution that’s redefining the artistic limitations of iPhoneography. Featuring a variety of preset and customizable brushes, Deco Sketch allows artists to easily edit their own photographs or design new, beautiful images through the manipulation of geometric patterns. Deco Sketch is simple to use in that the flow, opacity, size, angle, and position of the drawn strokes are determined by simple finger swipes and taps. Features such as zoom and pan, undo and redo help achieve exact precision with detailed placements. You can even print your creations quickly due to the app’s high-resolution output capabilities up to 8 megapixels. Here's what the new update includes: 2 new brushes with over 26 styles 14 new presets for existing brushes Eyedropper tool to create custom color palettes from photos Improved UI with advanced color options one tap away 10 uniques brushes with 130 variations and 15 customizable attributes. Interested? You can download Deco Sketch Pro for $2.99 by clicking here.