Retro Games on your iPhone!
Given how far technology has come, it was only a matter of time before we traveled full circle and revisited the past. From bringing back previous fashion trends to even remaking films from decades ago, it’s cool to go vintage. Which explains the popularity of retro games -- especially on your iPhone. As one of the world’s most popular smartphones, the iPhone is capable of performing a number of personal and professional tasks. A dedicated source of bands and artists for music lovers as well as a lifesaving messaging tool for the mobile businessperson, the iPhone is a must-have -- with its entertainment system (namely games) an attractive feature for its dominantly young audience. Feeling appy Ever since the concept of apps burst into our lives, accessing information instantly and easily has meant people are sharing data more than ever. Instead of being restrained by our desktops, mobile users could benefit from a number of applications on the move thanks to their smartphone – namely the Apple iPhone. However, one type of app in particular has experienced significant success; retro games. So, what retro games are out there available on the iPhone? Let’s turn back the clock with a list of the most played games loved by Apple fans: 1. Ecco the Dolphin Everyone’s favorite dolphin has made a comeback, after experiencing huge popularity during the renowned Sega Mega Drive days. Dive into the coral reef and collect crystals all over again -- this time on your iPhone! 2. Pac-Man Retro games don’t get as classic as the original gamer’s much-loved circular yellow character, the infamous Pac-Man. Bring his adventures to life and help feed his hunger by chomping on all the pixelated gold crumbs, but a word of warning -- you will get addicted. 3. Tetris You really were a child of the 80s if you knew every puzzler’s favorite gaming tune. Yes, the falling blocks are back to get you addicted all over again -- just make sure you don’t get distracted by the pretty colors! 4. Streets of Rage Remember when all the rage was, well, to rage? This classic game relives the good old beat-em-up days, bringing the 90s back to your iPhone screens. 5. Final Fantasy III Fantasy lovers everywhere -- it’s back. The brilliant Japanese RPG game has been given the 3D touch, bringing the characters to life on your beloved Apple smartphone screen wherever and whenever you get the urge to play.