Ex-Zynga Boston Team rises from the Grave and Releases ‘Letter Rush’!
Back in October of 2012, Zynga unexpectedly closed down one of their studios in Boston, MA. Several of the leads from that team have came together to start a new studio, Proletariat Inc. They have recently released their first title, a new arcade take on word find games with a castle defense twist, called Letter Rush. Features: Engaging single-player gameplay! Drawn into a world of words and a land of letters, it’s your job to swipe the oncoming word waves away before they bear down on you and destroy your precious walls. Leaderboards -- Rush to the top of the leaderboards every week! Prove your worth in full view of all of your Game Center and Facebook friends and let them know who’s really #1 (at least until the leaderboards reset and they come after you)! Powerups -- Unlike real life, in Letter Rush, you can augment your abilities with six different powerups to unleash your true might and put those words in their place. Goals -- Make your way through 20 levels and more than 50 goals to unlock powerups, multipliers, gems, and more! Don’t let these goals go unfinished; crush them with your word-finding prowess! Co-operative Multiplayer -- When one set of fingers just isn’t enough, team up with a friend to rule the leaderboards together in all your 20-fingered glory! Head-to-head Multiplayer -- Settle disputes the wordy way and go head-to-head versus a friend in a battle to the (word) death! There’s no powerups and no pausing, just you, your friend, and whole bunch of letters and words. Interested? You can download Letter Rush for free by clicking here.