New Content for ‘Sports Car Challenge’ Released!
Fishlabs Entertainment and Volkswagen Group China have released the second wave of free content updates for their multi-award-winning 3D racing simulation Sports Car Challenge for iOS. As of today, all fans enjoying the title can get free access to a new race track as well as two new gameplay features by upgrading their app to the latest version on the App Store. Sports Car Challenge features an exclusive selection of high-end sports cars by renowned brands such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Volkswagen. The new race track is called Singapore by Night and leads the players through the neon-lit streets of the Southeast Asian city-state. Thanks to the circuit’s impressive attention to detail, the players will pass by a whole variety of carefully re-modeled sights and landmarks, such as the Supreme Court or the Singapore Flyer, just to name a few. For the fans of Sports Car Challenge the new race tracks marks a particularly interesting novelty, because for the first time ever since the app’s initial launch on the App Store in late 2011, they will not speed along an actual race course, but cruise through an authentic city -- namely the world-famous metropolis of Singapore with its 5,000,000 inhabitants and unique architecture. In addition to the new race course, the new update will also include two novel gameplay features. The racing line on the one hand indicates via green, yellow and red arrows where to go in order to reach the finish line in record time. It can be switched on or off for all five circuits. The brake assistant on the other hand helps you to hold the line even when there is a particularly sharp curve or tricky passage ahead of you. It is available in four different stages: Off, Low, Medium and High. In short: New Race Track: Let your engine roar and your tires scream as you race through the beautiful city of Singapore by night Racing Line: Improve your lap records by staying close to the Racing Line (can be switched on and off for all five tracks) Brake Assistant: Hold the line with the help of the new Brake Assistant (available in four different stages: Off, Low, Medium and High) In the upcoming months, the current update will be followed by a number of additional content updates, which will include more sports cars and game modes. The first wave of free content updates for Sports Car Challenge had been released between February and August 2012 and added no less than four new vehicles from well-known brands like and three new circuits as well as a 1st person cockpit view and a variety of other enhancements and improvements to the title. Over the course of the last year, Sports Car Challenge has become an enormous success for the developer and the partaking brands.