Game Insight’s iOS MMO ‘Dragon Eternity’ coming this Month!
Game Insight has announced that their highly anticipated, free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) for iPad has gone gold! The game's official iPad release date has been confirmed for March. In Dragon Eternity, players create a character belonging to either of the warring Vaalor or Sadar factions, then venture forth into a deep, online role-playing experience that lets them explore the game’s three primary character classes, the Paladin, Berserk, and Witcher, through an open-ended, item-based system. Players can also recruit a variety of monster companions to fight by their side, including fearsome, fire-breathing dragons. Over the course of their adventures, players will learn about the in-depth lore of the world of Adan by performing hundreds of quests for the world’s key personages. These quests will take players across the game's massive world in search of dozens of powerful weapon and armor sets, as well as rare items used in the game's expansive crafting system. These adventures will also prime players for high-end adventures, including challenging raiding sorties and five different varieties of head-to-head player-versus-player (PvP) battles! Dragon Eternity is planned to be a cross-platform MMO game that will let players playing on iPad and via the web all interact simultaneously in the same world (note: the beb version of Dragon Eternity has already been in open beta since last year). The iPad version of the game will be released in March.