Roundup: Jailbreak Tweaks released in February 2013!
2x2 Folder Icons [$0.99, BigBoss] - 2x2 Folder Icons tweak that you get with Ayecon, if you already own Ayecon you get this for free. Honestly, I don't know why you wouldn't just use KShizoku's 2x2 folder icon tweak. It's free and AFAIK he's not ripping off of Surenix's work. Repo: cydia.myrepospace.com/KShizoku AccountChanger TS [$1.99, BigBoss] - Lets you easily switch between app store accounts. ActiveDock [$1.99, BigBoss] - Modifies the iOS dock to behave more like the dock in OS X. There's an indicator when an app is running, and apps bounce whenever you have unread notifications. AirFloat [Free, BigBoss] - Turns device into AirPlay audio receiver. AirplaneScheduler [$1.49, ModMyi] - Schedule the activation and deactivation of airplane mode. AlwaysClose [Free, ModMyi] - Always shows the close button in the app switcher. Animer - Animates notification banners. Appcap [Free, ModMyi] - Set limits on how long you can use an app. AssistantEnhancer [$1.99, Requires Siri, BigBoss] - Adds more functionality to Siri. Integration with Spotify, Pandora, and Grooveshark; search for local events; search Amazon, Ebay, Google Images, etc; and more. AutoLSMusicControls [Free, BigBoss] - Automatically shows lockscreen music controls when music is playing. BatteryPeek [Free, BigBoss] - Displays battery level using Activator, useful if you've hid it from the status bar. BTNotificationEnabler [Free, BigBoss] - Sends notifications over MAP. BoltApp [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you add music to Music.app without iTunes, free alternative to Bridge. Do Not Disturb Toggle [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you toggle Do Not Disturb using Activator DoNotDiscriminate [Free, BigBoss] - Enables the camera grabber on iPads. Enable WebGL [Free, ModMyi] - Enables WebGL support in browsers. EUUnlimited [Free, BigBoss] - Removed the volume limit set by the European Union. (To European Redditors: is this tweak actually useful?) FastForward [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you watch videos faster. FlagPaint Lite [Free, BigBoss] - Lite version of the paid app, tints banners based on the icon color. Flex [$3.99, BigBoss] - An impressive tweak that allows you to make patches which override function return values. Essentially allows you to create your own small tweaks. FullForce for iPhone [$0.99, BigBoss] - Makes applications show in fullscreen mode for the iPhone 5. Gearboy [Free, ModMyi] - Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator. %hook's law [Free, ModMyi] - A tweak by chpwn, makes your springboard springier. HUD Sliders [Free, BigBoss] - Adds a volume/brightness slider to the volume popup HUD. IPActivator [Free, ModMyi] - Use an Activator shortcut to display your IP address. InfinityTask [$2.49, BigBoss] - Remove 10 minute limitation on backgrounded tasks, adds option to open a url in a new tab in Safari or Chrome when copied. Instahancer [$0.99, ModMyi] - Adds more functionality to the Instagram app such as saving photos, sending as email attachments, zooming in, and saving caption drafts. InstaSave [Free, BigBoss] - Saves Instagram photos to your Camera Roll. IntelliScreenX 6 [$10 for buyers after 12/1/12, $5 upgrade fee for those earlier, free trial available, ModMyi] - Adds notification center widgets, facebook, twitter, mail+, RSS, messages+, and more to your lockscreen and notification center. iTransmission 3 [Free, ModMyi] - New iTransmission client. LivelyIcons [$1.99, BigBoss] - A tweak by FilippoBiga, all proceeds go to pediatric cancer research. Makes icons animate when tapped on. LivePapers [Free, BigBoss] - Adds live wallpapers to iOS. LLBiPT5 [Free, BigBoss] - Enables Low-Light Boost mod on iPod Touch 5th gen cameras. Lockdown Lite, Lockdown Lite iPad, Lockdown Pro iPad [Free, Free, $2.99, BigBoss] - Various versions of the Lockdown Pro tweak. Lets you set passwords for apps, folders, photos, etc. LockInfo 5 [$7.99, free for owners of LockInfo 4, free trial available, ModMyi] - Popular lockscreen tweak completely rewritten for iOS 5 and 6. LockMemosPlus [$0.99, BigBoss] - Set alerts to remind of you of things when you wake your device/unlock it. Maximization [Free, ModMyi] - Run apps in fullscreen mode. More Icons [$1.49, $0.99 if you've bought Shrink, BigBoss] - Adds more icons to the springboard, similar to Iconoclasm. Music Controls Pro 6.x [$5.99, BigBoss] - Adds more functionality to the music app. Swipe controls, video backgrounding, NC widgets, etc. MuteIcon [Free, BigBoss] - Adds an indicator to the status bar when the device is muted. MyVibe [$1.99, BigBoss] - Disables vibrate when your iDevice is placed on a flat surface, enables Do Not Disturb when placed upside down on a flat surface. MyWi 6.0 [$20 for buyers after 12/1/12, $5 upgrade fee for those earlier, free trial available, ModMyi] - Popular tethering application with a deep amount of features. NeverLost [Free, BigBoss] - No alerts when signal is lost. NowPlaying on Status Bar [Free, BigBoss] - Shows the current song in the status bar. PageJumps [Free, BigBoss] - Jump to Springboard pages using icons. Pages+ [$1.99, ModMyi] - Lets you customize your springboard wallpaper. Pages+ - Bug Fix [Free, BigBoss] - Fixes the bug that caused devices using Pages+ and FolderEnhancer to crash. PicArchiver [Free, BigBoss] - Removes SnapChat's time limit, removes self-destruction, control sending of read receipts, save pictures and videos. Phantom [Free, BigBoss] - Removes SnapChat's time limit, save pictures to camera roll, removes screenshot notifier, send things longer than 10 second limit. PhotoFilters [$1.00, BigBoss] - Instagram-esque photo filters right inside the Camera and Photo app. PowerMusic MiniPlayer [$2.00, BigBoss] - Allows you to pick songs from your lockscreen and notification center. Quick Reply for Viber [Free Trial, $1.99 Yearly Subscription, BigBoss] - Allows for quick reply with the app Viber. QuickShoot [Free, BigBoss] - Double tap the camera app on the springboard to quickly take a picture. Remote Messages 2 (iOS 6+) [$2.50, BigBoss] - Send SMS and iMessages via your browser. RingerX Lite [Free, BigBoss] - Lite version of RingerX VIP. Rinngo [$4.99, BigBoss] - Lets you create ringtones directly in Music.app. SafariSwipez [Free, BigBoss] - Swipe away cards to close tabs in Safari. Screen Extender [Free, BigBoss] - Makes apps take up the full screen on the iPhone 5. Shake Air [Free, BigBoss] - Shake device on lockscreen to enable airplane mode. Signal 2 [$3.99, ModMyi] - Tweak from planetbeing, gives you details about cell towers you are connected to. Still Capture Enabler 2 [Free, BigBoss] - Enables camera still-from-video feature. SubtleLock [$1.00, BigBoss] - Slims down the time/date and slider bars in order to show more of the lockscreen wallpaper. SwitcherAnimation [Free, ZodTTD] - Change switcher animation from flip to fade. Tall Screen [Free, BigBoss] - Stretches apps to fit the iPhone 5 screen. Tap to Note [$0.99, BigBoss] - Add a quick note via the Notification Center. Tap to Remind [$0.99, BigBoss] - Add a quick reminder via the Notification Center. Total Backup [Free, BigBoss] - Backup .debs, SMS, contacts, call history, notes, photos. TwitkaFly 6.0+ [$3.99, BigBoss] - Tweet using activator, quick reply options, and more. TypeStatus [Free, BigBoss] - iMessage typing indicator in the status bar, works in any app. TypingPrivacy [$0.99, BigBoss] - Doesn't let people know when you start typing a response in iMessage. Unpower [Free, BigBoss] - Plays a sound when you disconnect your device from a charger. Unveil [Free, ModMyi] - Shows notifications while using Siri. Usage [Free, BigBoss] - Sends you a text of your data plan usage whenever you want. YFiSelect 5.0+ [$2.49, BigBoss] - Lets you quickly select a WiFi network via Activator or SBSetting's WiFi toggle. [Reddit]