‘Geo Challenge FREE’ Review!
Geo Challenge Free is a great app designed to help teach kids about the flags and maps of countries throughout the world. It is designed to keep younger players entertained throughout so they are learning without even realizing it. Kids will love all the puzzles, flashcards, quizzes, fun and interactive things throughout the app. It is targeted to parents who are looking for a great way to get their children more interested in Geography. The app is professionally made by the developers as everything loads smoothly and works extremely well. The graphics throughout the app are fun and entertaining so the children will love them. The spoken words and sound effects are also very well done, which help bring this excellent app together. One last note about the high quality development of the app is that it was designed with children in mind. It is very simple to navigate through to all the different activities so kids won't have to be constantly asking parents how to do things. In fact, kids will likely be showing their moms and dads all that they learned after just a short time of playing. After opening the game children will be able to choose from a variety of different fun activities. This free version has maps and flags based games and other information about dozens of the better known countries in the world. If you upgrade to the paid version you'll get access to information about 193 countries. These are the countries which are members of the United Nations as of November, 2012. Each of these countries will contain a map puzzle, one or more quizzes about the map, a flag to be used as a flash card and a flag quiz for the Oceania region countries. Kids will love spinning the interactive globe and choosing which countries they want to learn more about. As the globe spins children will be able to get a better understanding about things like how large the oceans are, where the countries are in relation to one another and many other things. When they stop the globe and zoom in on the country they are interested in they will be able to learn much more about the country and the region it is in. Kids can even make their own digital passport to use in the app with their picture right on it. As they virtually travel to all the different countries they can get their passport stamped to keep track of where they've been. Kids love this feature and will enjoy showing off how much they've learned about all the countries they have visited. They can also collect stickers from the country's they have visited and place them on their digital suitcase. Children can play this great app in either English or Japanese so kids can begin learning a new language, or enjoy browsing in their own native language. Overall this is a great app which will give children hours of fun while helping them learn about the world around them. You can download Geo Challenge for free by clicking here. Rating: 3/5 stars