Become Hero of the Siege with ‘Siege Hero’! [Review]
Siege Hero from Armor Games has become one of my favorites. I just found it but it has been out for a couple of years. If you enjoy Angry Birds, then you need to give Siege Hero a shot. The game is similar to Angry Birds where you need kill/clear each level before moving onto the next. In Siege Hero you are dealing with a series of invaders, such as knights, vikings, and more. Your job is stop these invading hordes but destroying the structures they are on. You will do this by propelling rocks, oil barrels, bombs, fire-jars, and grappling hooks at the structures to make it cave in. The game has a lot of similarities to Angry Birds but some key and very different aspects: You play the game from a first-person perspective so you are launching ammo into the game. Many levels include peasants or maidens who you need to avoid killing or you loose a ton of points. You also have the option of using a telescopic view, so you can target a specific spot easily before launching your assault. These differences really make the game a lot of fun. Right now there are 5 Ages: Fortress Age, Age of Discovery, Age of Pirates, Age of Cowboys, and Age of Heroes. Each Age (except Heroes) has 63 levels for a total of over 200 levels! As you progress through each Age you will unlock a treasure area which has another 12 bonus levels, thus giving you another 48 levels to play. The final hero Age has 8 different sections with an unknown number of levels--I have not gotten to them yet. Needless to say, there is a ton of game time available. The graphics are great in the game and I find game play very smooth and definitely addicting. I find myself replaying levels trying to get the best score possible. The game makes your think before you act. Trying to destroy the enemy but save the maidens is particularly challenging on some levels. If you accidentally kill the maidens while wiping out the enemy, you can still move on just with a lower score. On a couple of levels, I found it hard to see. The background and structure blended together a lot but maybe that is part of the challenge? So if you enjoy Angry Bird type games, I recommend you give Siege Hero a try. Did I mention the game is only $0.99? You can download the game by clicking here.