All Things Media Announces ‘Roll: Boulder Smash!’ on iOS
All Things Media has announced that Roll: Boulder Smash!, a brand new adventure game created for all iOS devices will make its debut onto the App Store on March 7, 2013. In Roll: Boulder Smash! you will experience first-hand what it's like to be a boulder on the run, wreaking as much havoc as possible. Featuring three massive and gorgeous worlds to explore and two modes to play through, Roll: Boulder Smash! challenges players to guide the boulder through richly textured 3D environments and adorable animated characters, unaware of their impending doom. In a world populated by the indigenous people of the land as well as hippos, elephants, aliens, apes, abominable snowmen, penguins, Vikings, buffalo, cowboys and even zombies, Roll: Boulder Smash! awards players stars by completing levels quickly and offers more than 70 achievements to unlock, and delivers hours of non-stop smashing action! Want to see some screenshots? Click on the following link!