‘Rush on Rome’ Official Trailer Released!
Rush on Rome takes place when the Roman Empire is at the height of its power. The Romans have a sole aim: continued expansion of their power and influence in Europe and Asia. According to an old legend, this is only possible with the help of a magic artifact; however, the individual pieces of said artifact have been scattered across various continents. The Roman Emperor orders the deployment of a special unit tasked with finding this mystical artifact. However, the Roman Army has made many enemies during its battles of conquest – the Gauls, Egyptians and Carthaginians sense that this could be their opportunity to crush the Roman Empire with targeted attacks. A solitary courageous centurion and his army are faced with the formidable challenge of defending Rome’s military outposts against enemy attacks. The only way to avert the downfall of the Roman Empire is with the right strategy and clever use of the Roman military arsenal. In Rush on Rome, the player assumes the role of the courageous centurion and must ward off belligerent hordes of attackers in a classic tower defense game. You can build powerful encampments, mighty catapults and combat towers manned with archers, employing these with the help of magic powers granted by Roman gods to defeat the enemy. Only players who implement clever strategic planning and use their resources wisely have a chance to defend the Roman Empire throughout the game’s 15 story mode missions. Rush on Rome will be available for iPad and Mac on February 6th, 2013.