‘MapMyDOGWALK ‘ Gets People and Pets on Track for Fitness
If you live in an apartment or condo, walking your pooch is no doubt part of the daily routine. Even those who have a house with a yard are likely taking their dogs out frequently in order to give them the exercise and stimulation they need to remain healthy and happy after sitting at home alone all day (at least they do if they're responsible and loving pet parents). And if your New Year's resolution includes a focus on your own health and fitness, then perhaps you're looking for a few good ways to track the efforts you're making to get in shape. Well, there are certainly apps for that, and plenty! But if you want to include your jelly-roll of a pet in your fitness equation in order to get your vet off your back and help your dog to enjoy a more active lifestyle, then MapMyDOGWALK is the app for you. Here's what it has to offer both you and your best friend. First of all, the app, sponsored by automaker Subaru, is free to download, which means that everyone can partake of the perks it provides to the average fitness routine. If you're going to walk your dog anyway, why not turn it into an activity that can be fun and challenging for both of you? MapMyDOGWALK helps to turn this simple idea into a reality with comprehensive functionality that helps you to reach your fitness goals with your best friend by your side. You'll want to start by downloading the app and setting up a free account on the sister site MapMyWalk.com. This will not only allow you to access the handy features of the app, but also the complementary services provided via the website. As for the app, it has a lot to offer. But the main draw for most users is the GPS functionality that allows you to use your smartphone to set up routes in and around your area and track the distance you've walked with your dog. Once you hit the road, the app automatically tracks not only the distance you cover, but also the speed and duration of your exercise as well as your elevation. All of this will help you to determine the overall impact of your average dog-walking excursion in order to plan routes that are going to offer you the challenges and results you're seeking. And when you sync with your online account you can also track calories, access progress reports, and make the most of your efforts by updating your training log. However, the app also provides you with an interactive map that constantly updates to apprise you of your current location and progress along a selected route. You can also save favorite routes, access music as you walk, get voice feedback on progress through your headphones, and even connect with family and friends thanks to Twitter integration. And you can enter your gym workouts, as well, in order to keep all of your fitness tracking in one place. Of course, you can also put the efforts of your Los Angeles or Long Island dog trainers to good use, practicing commands with your furry friend even as you both get in some much-needed activity. So if you're a pet owner looking for ways to make every moment with your canine pal count, MapMyDOGWALK provides a great way for both of you to have some fun and get healthy, with excellent tracking features to make every step a stride towards your fitness goals.