How to: Gift Apps from the App Store [Tip]
Looking to gift an app or game from the App Store but don't know how? No problem with that! We've got a pretty handy how to guide for you today. So, read on below... From your Computer Open iTunes on your computer. Click on iTunes Store in the left sidebar. If you're on iTunes 11, press CTRL + S to open up the sidebar. Find the app or game that you want to gift. Click the dropdown arrow then click on Gift This App. When you go to the next page, choose either to Send Gift via e-mail or Print gift myself. Enter in your iTunes information when asked prompted. Look over your gift details and click on Buy Gift then on Done. From your iOS Device Open the App Store on your iOS Device. Search for the app that you want to gift then tap on it. Tap on the Share button at the Top-Right, then tap on Gift. Input the information needed when prompted. Scroll down and set when you want to send the gift. Tap on the Next button. Choose the theme you want then tap on Next button yet again. Confirm your gift, tap the Buy Gift button, and finally tap the Done button! Enjoy gifting! [iPhone Heat]