Slavamax releases ‘tOpener’ for iOS!
Slavamax has introduced tOpener -- their new plain text file editor developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Incredibly simple and easy-to-use, tOpener can open any files that contain only plain text. The application will natively open and edit a large number of file types, including .plist, .html, .txt, .css, .c, .rss, .csv, .sql, .xml and others. Effortlessly copy and paste text, create any plain text type file and more. The app is also tested with file extensions (plain text only): .asax, .asc, .ascii, .asp, .aspx, .bak, .bat, .c, .c , .cc, .cf, .cfc, .cfg, .cfm, .class, .cnf, .config, .con, .conf, .cpb, .cplusplus, .cpp, .c, .csv, .cxx, .h, .htm, .j, .java, .jhtml, .js, .jsp, .log, .lua, .m, .msg, .nib, .note, .notes, .pbxproj, .pbxuser, .pch, .pdb, .perspectivev3, .php, .pl, .pref, .prefs, .py, .settings, .sh, .sql, .storyboard, .strings, .temp, .tmp, .vcard, .vcf, .vb, .vbs, .vbe, .txt, .text, .xib, .xht, .xhtm, .xhtml, .$$$. tOpener is only $0.99 and available on the App Store by clicking here.