How to: Recover Deleted Files for iPhone 5
Deleted files and data loss are a problem generally associated with desktop computer users. The ever-evolving world of mobile computing has led to a dramatic increase in the number of everyday consumers who find themselves facing such problems on their smartphones, however. The iPhone 5 is no exception. From videos files to text messages, it isn’t unusual for phone users to find that files have accidentally been erased. While it isn’t always possible to recover these files, there are several solutions that can help targeted deleted data and bring it back to life. Recovering from the Cloud or iTunes Apple has made data backup on its popular line of phones a simple process. If a user frequently backs up his or her information using iTunes or the iCloud, recovering data from these destinations is incredibly simple. To restore from iTunes, a phone should be connected to the host computer, where a restore can be initiated using a previous version of the smartphone’s hard drive. iCloud restores can be managed directly on the iPhone by navigating to the phone’s settings, where a restore is launched. It will likely be necessary to enter login credentials to proceed. Using a Third-Party Tool A third-party data recovery tool is an option for those who do not regularly backup their phone using either iTunes or the iCloud. These tools most often run on a Mac operating system, though there are also tools available for Windows consumers. Once the product has been downloaded to the machine, the phone in question is connected via USB. The phone can then be placed in recovery mode, with the software looking for files that have not been permanently erased from the hard drive. If these files can be recovered, they will either be restored to the computer system or the smartphone directly. Preventing Future Data Issues The easiest way to prevent issues with deleted or corrupted files is to make certain to backup data on a regular basis. Using iTunes on a Mac computer, or instead relying on iCloud, users can easily perform this function. In addition to backing up in this manner, it may be worth exploring additional alternatives available. These include apps available in the App Store, which can sync with external servers and backup information stored on the iPhone at a regular basis. In the event of data loss in the future, this information can in turn be recovered. When data loss occurs on an iPhone 5, it isn’t uncommon for the phone user to begin panicking. Fortunately, there are several solutions available to help rescue files that have been inadvertently deleted. By carefully using one of these simple tools, users can often bring their deleted information back to their device. In addition to using such utilities, phone users should consider taking steps to protect their data on external servers or hard drives. This will help reduce the potential for a damaging data loss in the future.