‘Fanta Fruit Slam’ Launches on the App Store!
Fanta is turning to the exciting world of interactive gaming to create more play. The new Fanta Fruit Slam game, designed and developed by Fishlabs Entertainment is available globally on the App Store! Dodgeball meets food fight in the 3-D experience, which immerses teens in Fanta’s rich and colorful world. As different kinds of fruit fall from the sky, players must pick up, throw and dodge fruit on their way to a flavorful victory. The object of the game, which stars the beloved characters and flavors from the global Fanta Play campaign, is to slam your opponent with as much fruit as possible, draining their power meter before they drain yours. Each fruit and character has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and players can Power Up with more points by drinking a virtual Fanta during the game. A multi-player mode lets users invite friends to play against them via Facebook, and publish high scores, trophies and game-related content to their social newsfeeds. Features: Singleplayer mode with bosses and survival features. Four different settings: Park, Beach, Sports Ground and Backyard. Seven playable Fanta Crew characters: Gigi, Andy, Floyd, Maud, Tristan, Lola, and Todd. Multiplayer mode: Beat your Facebook friends or take on random opponents in “Best of Three” battles. Ten different fruits from the Fanta line of drinks. Five different power-ups for special bonuses. Three online leaderboards: Worldwide, National and Facebook Friends. Facebook integration: Share your highscores and achievements. Available in 12 different languages. You can download Fanta Fruit Slam by clicking here.