‘RunSanity’ Celebrates its International Success With An Update!
Heliceum has finally announced that RunSanity, their awesome social and competitive game, has been downloaded more than 300,000 times in a few days on the App Store, as well averaging 4 out of 5 stars from thousands of players. To celebrate, Runsanity has been updated with loads of new content, while still remaining free to play! The Challenge Mode Thousands of matches have been played and challenges taken up with through Facebook. Using RunSanity's unique connectivity feature, your challenger can run a race against the ghost of your Facebook friend's character, which appears on your screen. In-app chat is now available to challenge and tease your friends live! 10 new levels in the Story Mode A brand new chapter composed of 10 levels is now available to complete RunSanity's rich adventure. Stan and his crew are drawn in to a fight against a strange pandemic, created by the Lord of Nerds Dux, and his damned dirty dog. It's now time to build a lethal machine to defeat those nasty villains! These levels include a new tailing gameplay, where you must chase and catch fleeing nerds in bizarre vehicles. New crazy outfits for your favorite characters are available in Arcade mode, including reggae, rock and electro-style clothes. You will also find the new energy shield in the store, protecting you from collisions. You can download RunSanity from the App Store by clicking here.