‘Forger’: a Modeler’s Mobile Dream
In this day and age, there is no shortage of tools for the graphically minded. The digital medium has created a world in which anyone with a vision can now bring it to fruition in a virtual, 3-dimensional format. Not only that, but with enough work and the right software, movement and audio can breathe life into an otherwise static image. It used to be that only those with artistic talent and hand-eye skill could take a picture from their head and transfer it to paper. And motion graphics were of the frame-by-frame variety. But a little creativity and a lot of technical know-how is all it takes to make the digital graphics that we see on web pages, in movies, and pretty much everywhere we turn. You don't even need to spend major money on specialized graphics equipment and software anymore thanks to the low-cost of high-end home computers and open-source programming. And if you happen to be a graphic designer looking for mobile solutions, Forger is one handy Apple app that you should definitely check out.