‘Monster Crew’ 1.1 Update and Gameplay Trailer!
Yes, that's right! A major new update has just been released for Monster Crew. The developers have added The Bomb, Boosts, Prizes, and new content, bringing even more strategy and fun to the game. Monster Crew is a free game that reinvigorates the endless runner with easy combat and strategic replay. It has gorgeous graphics and an illustrated story that provides an extra level of immersion. Whether you're looking for a few minutes of spider-stomping fun or an hour of trying out different strategies and bonus cards, Monster Crew has something for everyone. Monster Crew 1.1 update features: Bomb: Clear a whole screen of pesky Enemies with a single Bomb! Power up more Bombs by Stomping Enemies. Either way, your Enemies are going to be looking over their shoulders. Boosts: Start your game off right with one or more Boosts. Sweet Revenge instantly kills Enemies who manage to hit you first. Bombs Away starts you off with a Powered Bomb. Ace in the Hole lets you play your favorite Bonus Card before the game even starts! Prizes: Win a cool Prize after each game, such as Boosts, Life Zaps, or cold, hard cash! Reach higher floors to get better Prizes. New “I Am the Bomb” Bonus Card: When you feel the urge to blow more things up, this new card slots nicely into your strategy. New Enemies and Hazards: Just when you thought you had seen it all, we added some new challenges to keep you on your toes. Monster Crew is the first title from BonusXP, a new game studio founded by a small team of experienced and passionate developers. You can download the game by clicking here.