‘Tilt to Live’ Online Co-op Update!
Tilt to Live iPhone and Tilt to Live HD have recently received updates which add online support to our previously local-only cooperative mode, Viva la Coop. Thanks to Game Center you can now match to other players around the world, or invite a friend. The iPhone version also now supports the iPhone 5's wide screen as well! In Viva la Coop one player operates a stationary turret while the other collects multiplier jewels to increase the team's score. The turret operator must also be supplied with fresh ammo by his partner to keep their multiplier from resetting. Viva la Coop is the multiplayer version of Viva la Turret, both based around a weapon called the Perforator. They comprise the iPhone version's Viva la Turret Expansion, an in-app purchase for $1.99 (on the iPad, both gametypes are included with the Full Game IAP). Tilt to Live is One Man Left's an endless, passive-aggressive arcade game. You'll tilt the device to avoid enemies and crash into weapon orbs, which help you make the arena a safer place to live. You can download the game by clicking here.