Casual platformer ‘Crash Dummy’ Released for iOS!
Immanitas Entertainment announced that the casual platformer, Crash Dummy, has been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The originally targeted release in November 2012 has been moved back to just recently. The newly released story trailer, produced together with COMIX School, created with high quality cartoon style drawings and animations, gives an introduction to the adventure that Cid, the lovable but bored crash dummy, is about to embark on. When one fateful day professor Advisor’s daughter is kidnapped by his arch-nemesis D-Troit, Cid finally gets his opportunity to live the life of adventure and become a hero. Take control of Cid and help him rescue M.I.A. trough 16 challenging levels, including 6 Giant Bosses. Whether it’s in sewers, swamps, ice or lava Cid has to fight, run, climb, shoot, and sneak his way past many different brainy puzzles, traps and challenges. Giuseppe Crugliano, Founder and Managing Director of Twelve Games, the developers of Crash Dummy, made the following statement: “We are very happy that we can offer Crash Dummy to an even broader audience now across both iOS and Android devices. We have had a lot of fun creating this game and believe gamers can look forward to a great gaming experience.” Features: Bringing a classic gaming brand to iOS. 16 Challenging levels Including 6 end level bosses. High quality cartoons and video sequences tell the story. Different abilities including sneaking, climbing, running and sliding. Various weapons including bazookas, ice lasers and flamethrowers. 25 different enemy types. You can download Crash Dummy for $2.99 (free version) by clicking here. Enjoy!